Stroke Development Camp

Swimmers of all ability levels and focus will benefit from a week at a Fusion SwimCamp.

This program is designed to maximize individual development. You will work on all aspects of the competitive strokes – turn, mechanics, breathing, body positioning, and conditioning. These work outs will be the foundation for your future swimming career, as well as other sports. Each staff member is dedicated to the personal development and improvement of every camper. Campers should know how to swim, this isn’t a learn to swim camp.

Start & Turn Clinic

Swimmers will enjoy working to improve their back & freestyle stroke starts, underwater kicking, flip & open turns. Underwater video, Dry & technique training included. This program is 24 hours, meals and housing are provided. This can be attended independent of the stroke camp or in conjunction.

Safety, Supervision & Respect

The staff supervises campers for the entire duration of the camp. For overnight tennis camps, the staff will reside in the dormitories with the campers, providing supervision. Campers are expected to show respect towards other campers and the host facility. Drugs, alcohol and tobacco products are strictly forbidden, and will result in immediate dismissal from camp without refund.