Triathlon Training : Proper Swimming Techniques

Stephen Taylor goes over some basic swimming techniques in this video.

Learning Flip Turns the Simple Way

This video goes over the easiest way to do a flip turn.

How to Crawl Kick | Swimming Lessons

This video goes over how to crawl kick.

Freestyle Swimming Technique | Stroke

This video gives tips on how to improve your freestyle stroke technique.

Breathing Swim Instruction (technique lesson)

This video goes over how to improve your breathing technique.

Speedo Swim Technique – Breaststroke

In this video, Speedo goes over the correct breaststroke positioning.

Swimming Workout to Increase Speed

Alicia Casillas talks about how to increase speed when swimming.

Loose Recovery Stroke Instruction

Aaron Lawson goes over the loose recovery stroke.

Freestyle Breathing with Michael Phelps, Katie Hoff, & Bob Bowman

This video discusses the proper technique for freestyle breathing.

How to Tread Water for Beginning Swimmers

This video covers different techniques for treading water.

Butterfly Swimming Technique – How to Swim Butterfly

This video gives you an underwater look at how to swim butterfly.

3 Drills to Improve Freestyle Stroke | Swimming Lessons

Vadim Shoykhet goes over 3 drills to improve the freestyle stroke.

Swimming Tips

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